Work Ethic Doesn't Work in Sales Anymore

Work ethic will not help you become a top sales rep at your company


Unfortunately (and fortunately) the days of putting your head down and dialing are behind us. In sales, work ethic has always been a way to overcome a lack in skills in your field. These days are gone.

 We are living in a new age of buyers.  

In this new era, buyers rely on calls and in-person meetings less and less each year. As technology continues to evolve, so should our sales strategy.

What KPI’s or metrics does your company measure? How many calls do you need to make in order to close a deal? Are these real?

Look at the top 3 sales reps at your company. Are they at the top because they work 65 hours a week? Do they make the most dials? Send the most emails? No. Top sales reps are at the top (and stay at the top) because they have a process that fits the journey of their buyer.

There are two easy and cheap strategies that can take your sales success to the next level, immediately.

1)    Incorporating personal videos into your sales process.

2)    Controlling the internal sale of your product.


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