3 Easy Steps to Achieve a Shorter Sales Cycle


 Getting started...

B2B Sales, or any sales for that matter are hard… quite possibly one of the most difficult roles to be consistently good at in business. So why are there areas of our sales process that haven’t changed in decades? 

The strategies and material within this article can be implemented into your sales process immediately, without any investment. 

Below are the 3 Key Strategies to implement into your sales process that will help you achieve a shorter sales cycle:

  • Unique Videos & Customer Specific Clips

  • Build a Custom Sales Pitch that Stands Out 

  • Strategic Outreach

1. Video

I can’t tell you how many times myself, or my team, have felt that a deal was about to close... and what do you know, some executive wants to schedule a product demo. This is a good buying sign for sure, but more often than not, that product demo will be scheduled multiple weeks out to accommodate for their busy schedule... so you can go ahead and say goodbye to hitting that quota in time. 

Statistics show 7 out of 10 Decision Makers will require their own product demo or video before making a decision to buy. If we know they need to see the product, why not incorporate unique product videos into your follow up pitch?  

 By doing this you will make a great first impression and achieve a shorter sales cycle.

2. Building a Custom Sales Pitch

Whether your content of choice is a slide deck, PDF, whitepaper, or word document, there is NOTHING worse than a sales person who sends generic content. An example of “generic content” is a slide deck that is used for each client that salespeople see as their “go-to follow up deck”. I’ll admit, I was a huge user of the master deck earlier in my sales career. Clients hate it. Change it up. 

Use a combination of resources. Your clients are human, they get bored and have a short attention span (just like everyone). Mix in a short slide deck, a video, and then some marketing pdf's.

No matter what you do, it has to be unique and thought out. Take your pre-built slides and customize / add context that is relevant to your clients needs . Take portions of your recorded demos, cut them down to just a couple minutes, and then send them to your client. If a whitepaper is your drink-of-choice, you better make damn sure it’s relevant to them. 

You are too close to your product. You know the "ins & outs". Step away and think to yourself "what would someone who barely knows anything about my product want to see?"... realistically your client was probably multitasking during your meeting.

We always tell our team, send a follow up that you could send to your parents. They know nothing about your company, yet your follow up tells them the perfect story. Use your call notes, re-listen to your demos (Gong.io !!!), and build content that clients love. 

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Jonathan Raney