15 Powerful Sales Statistics that B2B Buyers Want Sales Reps to Know


Recent statistics show that 9 out of 10 buyers choose to purchase a product based on a rep’s follow up sales pitch. A sales reps’ ability to build ongoing interest will define not only how successful they are as individuals, but how successful you will be as a sales team.

The below statistics have been collected and validated by numerous sources and reflect B2B sales teams in 2018:

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1.     85% of potential buyers are not satisfied after viewing a product demo.

2.     Less than 2% of B2B sales are “one call closes”.  

3.     90% of B2B buyers make their purchasing decision based on a sales persons follow up sales pitch. 

4.     National Close-Rate for B2B sales is only 6%.

5.     Attaching follow up documents to an email lowers the average view rate to just 10 seconds. That number cuts in half when buyers have to exit one document to download another.

6.     70% of B2B buyers will not make a purchase until they have seen a video of the product they are buying.

7.     For companies that have more than 50 employees, there are at least 5 people involved in most buying decisions.

8.     65% of sales reps say they do not know what content they are supposed to send as a follow up.

9.     55% of people in sales do not have the necessary resources to be successful.

10.  Continuous post-demo content sharing increases a deal’s close-rate by 3X.

11.  60% of decision makers will not come in contact with a salesperson until the contract negotiation stage.

12.  20% of decision makers will not want to talk with a sales team until the onboarding stages.

13.  50% of all sales decisions go to the vendor who reaches out them first.

14.  65% of potential buyers are confused about what a product actually does after their first meeting.

15.  Only 25% of sales reps ask their clients what content they need in order to decide on purchasing.


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Jonathan Raney