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What our customers say

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When we received a proposal through hubPitch’s platform, we loved that every piece of content was right in one sales pitch. There wasn’t any searching or downloading. Each page of the proposal included a different piece of content that was relevant to how we were going to use the product.
— Ryan H. / UX Designer / Ratio
hubPitch had an immediate impact on my sales cycle. With hubPitch, I can share any piece of content in a page-by-page proposal that my customers understand immediately. Easy adoption and our customers love the simplicity of our proposals.
— Daniel H. / Sr. Account Executive / PayScale
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How does Bundle work?

Increased Engagement

Boost customer engagement by providing multiple pieces of content in your sales proposal. Engage your customers with more relevant material and the ability to share proposals internally.

Shorter Sales Cycle

Increase deal sizes and shorten your sales cycle when customers know exactly what your product offers.

Fewer Presentations & Meetings

Create a Custom Sales Proposal with a Video & Document combo. Eliminate excess product demos and unnecessary meetings.


Intelligent Analytics

You will receive more insight to who your buyers are and what is most important to them. Notifications for every activity on your proposal.

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