2018 Sales Strategy Report

Sales Statistics that Buyers Wish Sales Reps Knew

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Intro to Sales Strategy Report:

2018 has quickly become the year sales technologies. In the last 5 years companies have more than doubled their total investment in sales technologies. In 2018, companies spend an average of $5,200 per employee on sales technologies each year.  Although the amount that companies are investing in sales technology is rising, recent reports show that only 55% of salespeople have the tools that they need to sell their product. This brings up the question: are companies investing in the right areas of the sales process to generate higher sales? 

In this report we will cover major statistics that every sales team should be considering as they invest in technology, trainings, and other sales enablement software’s.

·     90% of B2B buyers make their purchasing decision based on the content that a sales rep sends as a follow up.

·     70% of B2B buyers will not make a purchase until they have seen a video of the product they are buying.

·     National Close-Rate for B2B Sales is only 6%.

·     The average amount of time spent on one page of content is only 15 seconds.

·     For companies that have more than 50 employees, there are at least 5 people involved in most buying decisions.

·     55% of people in sales do not have the necessary resources to be successful.