How to Prepare for a Sales Call

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Before your sales call you may be feeling a few things: anxiety, nerves, curiosity… all of these feelings are good. Setting up for a sales call should feel similar to “pregame jitters”. You should be prepared for your call or presentation, but also nervous as every sales call (like every game) has high rewards and implications.

I once had a Sales Manager who used to talk about how he knew our product and our customers so well that he didn’t need to prepare for calls. He would organically figure out what they needed based on conversation. This is possible, but it isn’t scalable. Every team has 1 or 2 people who are natural charmers and/or can persuade anyone. BUT most people don’t have this skill or haven’t been with your organization long enough to establish this.

Through good preparation and a solid game plan you will not only set yourself up for success, but also place yourself in a strategic position to connect dots before the conversation even happens. You can vet what type of customer your clients will be, and make references to other organizations who use your products in their current market, location, industry, etc.

This Whitepaper will help your sales team maximize every sales call

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