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Uploading Documents

Buyers want to see a wide range of documents in order to understand your products. Upload every important document into a single pitch.






and more



A PowerPoint deck won’t make a sale for you.

If you are relying on PPT for your follow up you probably aren’t hitting quota, are you?

70% of attachments are never opened. So stop sending attachments and multiple hyperlinks.




Add context, notes, or details to each page of your pitch.

Ensure that every buyer understands the value of your product, no matter what type of content they prefer.



Collaborate with Customers

Hate being black holed by customers?

Collaborate and edit your pitch with your customers to ensure the right details are included.

Customer to Sales Rep Messaging

Team Sharing



Analytics & Notifications

hubPitch Analytics provide insight to which pieces of content are important to buyers.

Notifications are sent to users when content is open, watched, or shared.