Work Ethic Doesn't Work in Sales Anymore


Work ethic will not help you become a top sales rep at your company.

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Unfortunately (and fortunately) the days of putting your head down and dialing are behind us. In sales, work ethic has always been a way to overcome a lack in skills in your field. These days are gone.

 We are living in a new age of buyers.  

In this new era, buyers rely on calls and in-person meetings less and less each year. As technology continues to evolve, so should our sales strategy.

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What KPI’s or metrics does your company measure? How many calls do you need to make in order to close a deal? Are these real?

Look at the top 3 sales reps at your company. Are they at the top because they work 65 hours a week? Do they make the most dials? Send the most emails? No. Top sales reps are at the top (and stay at the top) because they have a process that fits the journey of their buyer.

There are two easy and cheap strategies that can take your sales success to the next level, immediately.

1)    Incorporating personal videos into your sales process.

2)    Controlling the internal sale of your product.

Incorporating Custom Videos


When is the last time you were on a sales call and the people on the other line told you that you have everyone who is involved in making a buying decision on the call with you? That NEVER happens. Meaning, you will most likely never meet the real decision makers.

Nearly 80% of all sales reps will never have a conversation with the actual buyer.

You need to stand out. Start incorporating custom videos into your sales pitch. You want the buyers to know what your voice sounds like, what your face looks like, and to feel your emotion behind why your product is more valuable than any other on the market.

 Building a 15 second video takes… well just 15 seconds.

 There isn’t any work ethic to it. You don’t need to be in the office at 6am grinding away building videos for everyone in your sales pipeline.

Finish a sales call - write down some notes - and then record a short clip of you introducing yourself and explaining the value of your product.

Send it to your contact and suggest that they have their team watch it.

Again, nothing special about this. What you are doing is building chemistry with everyone on the buying team… something that the top sales rep at your company has developed over years and years of skill development. You learned this by reading a free blog post. You’re already developing faster than they are.


 Controlling the Internal Sale


As explained in the previous section, 8 out of 10 sales reps will never meet with the actual buying team. Meaning, the people who you keep meeting with are in charge of selling your product to their team… whom write the checks.  

The average close rate in sales is less than 20%. Why is it so low? Well, the person who is responsible in selling everyone in their company on your value met with you for a grand total of 60 minutes, has no idea what their budget is, and has never purchased a B2B product in their entire life.

You need to control the internal sale of your product. Working hard isn’t going to solve this. Dialing everyone on the executive team most definitely will not solve this. Dialing from random phone numbers 100% will not solve this.

How do you control the internal sale? Control what they are viewing. Control what context they are receiving. Control who views what, and when.

Decision Makers are lazy. They don’t want to open up attachments and decide which PowerPoint deck is meant for them. Instead, they will upload just one of your documents and leave it open on their desktop while they do something else that is more important.  

Bundle your content into a single location and control the context around that content.

We have created a platform for sale people to do just this. Incorporate content, personal intro videos, and more… all while controlling what is viewed.


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Jonathan Raney