8 Tools to Create Proposals in 2019

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Think about it. You spend hours, if not days building proposals. You email and communicate across numerous departments, curate images, outline value, create a pitch, insert a call to action.

Then you hit send in your email.

Your proposal is out there, in the universe just hoping to be opened. Hell you are probably PRAYING that someone will open it on your customers team.

There has to be a better way of doing this. A way where you have more control.

Oh wait… there are better ways.

Work Ethic Doesn’t Work In Sales Anymore

Ever wonder if a client or customer has even looked at the proposal that you emailed them weeks ago? Have they gotten back to you yet? Why aren’t they responding to the 5 “checking in” emails you sent them or the 3 calls you left them this week? Not only is this situation annoying, but it happens all the time. You created this proposal, only to receive another RFP (Request for Proposal) from another client that same day.

There is a simpler way to create proposals, where you can spend less time curating content and gain more visibility into when your clients engage in your content. Hell, the best of the software that we advise you use will even increase customer engagement on your proposals.

To bring your proposal and sales follow up process into 2019 we are going to review 8 proposal tools that will help you close more deals, faster.

While you are considering the below tools for proposal creation, a huge part of the buying process is customer engagement. One of the tools below has features that allow you to collaborate and message customers directly within the proposals themselves.

Take a look at the proposal tools below to get an idea of your options.

Sales proposal creator & customer engagement tool

Business Proposal Software

  1. Bundle by hubPitch

  2. PandaDoc

  3. Proposify

  4. Qwilr

  5. Bidsketch

  6. Osmosis

  7. Loopio

  8. Nusii

1. Bundle by hubPitch

Web app

Bundle users have the ability to create one-of-a-kind proposals. The #1 reason why a proposal is ignored is that buyers are bored. Bundle takes all of your content that you would be sending over via email (proposal, slide deck, videos, etc.) and bundles it into a single location. Customers can then collaborate and engage with the sales rep on content notes and changes.

In addition to higher customer engagements, Bundle provides analytics behind when proposals are viewed and by whom (name and job title). Who cares how many times your proposal is viewed… you care about WHO is viewing the proposal.

Price: Starts at $20 / month per user.

2.  PandaDoc

Mobile app: iOS | Android

PandaDoc allows you to easily create customized, on-brand proposals quickly through smart collaboration tools, integrations with a number of CRMs, and a content library so your new business team has everything it needs to address the prospect's concerns and questions. You can enable custom notifications so you know when your client opens the document, how much time they spent reading, and when they sign.

Price: $19/month per user, $39/month per user for integrations and content library, custom pricing for additional features

2. Proposify

Mobile app: iOS only

Proposify was made for creative firms. It's drag-and-drop interface lets you easily add different sections to your document. You can customize a proposal with an InDesign-like editor that lets you add text, images, and videos. In addition, it has robust analytics features, including the ability to see the top-viewed sections of your proposal, how many times it was viewed, and for how long.

Price: $25/user per month/5 proposals, $75/unlimited users/month/50 proposals, custom pricing for additional proposals and features

3. Qwilr

Qwilr makes it easy to create clean, stunning web-based proposals and other sales collateral without relying on your programmer. Its editor is similar to using a document editor, with features such as the ability to embed interactive content such as video, maps, interactive dashboards, and Google Sheets. It tracks and reports on what people view and click so you can measure engagement, and it includes a quote and accept tool for simple and accurate pricing.

Price: $29/user + $15/additional users per month for base product, $79/3 users + $20/additional users per month for unlimited integrations, e-sign, analytics, and more, $3,000/10 users per year + $25/additional users per year for additional customization

4. Bidsketch

With Bidsketch, you can easily create proposals by combining previously used sections or by using the company's sample proposal language, and it contains designed proposal templates you can use. It also provides a specific section where you can indicate optional fees to take advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities. The software will notify you when the proposal has been viewed and if the person exported is as a PDF.

Price: $23/user per month, $47/3 users per month, $119/8 users per month

5. Osmosis

Web App: Google Chrome

Osmosis provides you with tools to both create client questionnaires -- this could be used to first determine a project scope -- and proposals. Proposals are presented as a web page that can be exported as a PDF. Osmosis integrates with platforms such as Basecamp, Trello, Freshbooks, and other common tools.

Price: $19/user per month/10 proposals, $49/5 users per month/35 proposals, $99/10 users per month/2,000 proposals

6. Loopio

Loopio's unique in that you build a RFP response library, tag and categorize this content, and then its automation engine pulls from your content library to auto-populate a proposal. Another interesting feature is the ability to associate content with a subject-matter expert, making it simple to know who to talk to to update and customize information.

Price: Conctact company for details

7. Nusii

This proposal management software has an elegant user interface for creating and managing proposal creation. Nusii features a drag-and-drop interface where you can re-order sections and add new and previously used content. The tool also features reminders for agencies, so you'll remember to follow up after sending, and it has a library of professional proposal templates to get started with.

Price: $29/user per month/5 proposals, $49/unlimited users per month/20 proposals, $129/unlimited users per month/50 proposals

Jonathan Raney