15 Best Apps for Sales Reps in 2019


A recent study by hubspot showed that 7 out of 10 businesses require some sort of custom product video during their purchasing process. Another article by hubPitch highlighted that 9 out of 10 “decision makers” will never attend a product demo. Companies are leaning more and more on technology, sales reps must follow this same trajectory.

A recent article that we wrote named “Work Ethic Doesn’t Work in Sales Anymore” illustrates how working hard no longer leads to more sales. Globally, there are nearly 50 billion devices connected to the internet… meaning that technology is the easiest way to connect with another person (in this case a customer).

15 apps for top sales reps in 2019

Below are the most recommended sales apps of 2019 that top sales rep should consider using today.

  1. Slack – Team communication

  2. MailChimp – Marketing automation

  3. hubPitch - Sales Proposal App

  4. Hunter – Email hunter

  5. Badger Maps  – Route planner for sales

  6. Zoom – Video Conferencing

  7. ‎Circleback – Address book management

  8. Feedly – News aggregator application

  9. Evernote – Note taking app

  10. Doodle – Meeting scheduling

  11. Leadfeeder – Website visitor tracking

  12. Expensify  – Expense management

  13. Lastpass – Password manager

  14. HelloSign – Electronic signature

  15. Gong – Conversation intelligence

1. Slack – Team communication

Boost collaborative productivity and communicate seamlessly with your team using Slack. Connect remote teams and centralize communication with this best-in-class messaging app. Discuss projects, share files and maintain transparency within your team. Moreover, you can even integrate it with your CRM for managing your sales deals more efficiently.

  • Create channels for various topics

  • Work with external contacts by adding them as guests

  • Set reminders and complete tasks on-time

  • Star a vital message to find it easily

2. MailChimp – Marketing automation

Avoid investing in expensive tools for creating successful email campaigns, instead, take a cost-effective route by using MailChimp. With more than nine million users, MailChimp is one of the most popular apps for email marketing.

Send email in seconds with its well-designed templates and measure the effectiveness of your outbound emails with valuable analytics. Moreover, it even renders the flexibility to integrate with various third-party applications for syncing customer data and streamlining workflows.

3. hubPitch - Sales Proposal App

Bundle together all forms of sales documents and content for your customers into a single proposal. The #1 reason why customers don’t buy a product is because they are confused on the value proposition. By using a highly advanced proposal app sales reps can build, collaborate, and analyze what their customers are engaging with and who is involved.

  • Analyze customer tendencies

  • Increase customer engagement in your product

  • Collaborate on content with the customer team before internal presentations

  • Notifications when content is open/viewed/shared

  • In app messaging with customer teams

4. Hunter – Email hunter

Need to find email addresses of your prospects? Take the help of Hunter and get connected with professionals who matter to your business. Just by typing the first name, last name or the company website, you can find the email addresses of company and verified domain publicly available on the web. It is simple and quick. Hunter is one of  the best apps for finding business emails for sales prospecting.

5. Badger Maps  – Route planner for sales

Don’t keep your clients waiting; find the fastest route to reach them with Badger Maps. It is a route mapping app specially designed for sales reps. So, now spend less time on road and more time in nurturing deals. Visualize your territory, find new leads and plan your schedules instantly using Badger Maps.

6. Zoom – Video Conferencing‎

Cut down your travel expenses and save time by holding meetings, conferences, and webinars online with Zoom, the leader in modern enterprise video communications. It is the perfect solution to conduct distance meetings; easily share screens with your prospects and give effective sales presentations from anywhere at any hour of the day.

7. Circleback – Address book management

Good communication is crucial for building lasting relationships. However, it becomes difficult to maintain meaningful connections when your contacts are not updated or scattered over places. Avoid such clutters and manage contacts with ease using Circleback. It is the best way of staying up-to-date and keeping your connections alive.

  • Connect multiple networks in a unified address book

  • Scan business cards and add new contacts instantly

  • Remove duplicate entries and keep your address book clean

  • Integrate it with your sales CRM to ensure your contacts and deals are updated

8. Feedly – News aggregator application

Don’t miss an important piece of news related to your industry; stay updated with latest trends and global happenings using Feedly. Now you don’t need to revisit a website for reading relevant information; find all the news, articles and content you like on a single platform. Track what you’ve been reading by referring Feedly’s history and get suggestions for new blogs that might interest you.

9. Evernote – Note taking app

Take your market research beyond bookmarks and eliminate scrap papers with Evernote. It is a digital storehouse for all your crucial data. You can not only maintain a wide range of content but also store images, record notes and upload PDF files in this smart note taking application.

  • Manage content from any internet-connected device

  • Tag your notes for quick reference

  • Create shortcuts to your frequently accessed files

  • Directly attach pictures and audios to your notes

  • Easily set reminders for your tasks and projects.

10. Doodle – Meeting scheduling

Simplify the process of setting meetings and quickly find a convenient time to meet your potential prospects with Doodle. Avoid conflicting bookings and stay on track with this excellent app.

No matter whether you need to coordinate with 30 volunteers for a huge event or with your small team for a monthly meeting, with Doodle you can keep everyone on the same page by seamlessly scheduling events and meetings without burning a hole in your budget.

11. Leadfeeder – Website visitor tracking

Keep an eye on your website visitors with Leadfeeder. Know who is visiting your site and what pages are they looking at with this high-end marketing tool. It is the best way to convert site visitors into leads. Leadefeeder integrates with various marketing tools to capture and manage opportunities.

12. Expensify – Expense management

Traveling for sales meetings becomes a tiresome task when you need to collect receipts and maintain records of your trip expenses. Simplify and streamline your expense management process with Expensify. It is one of the best expense management apps, having more than 2.5 million users worldwide.

With Expensify:

  • Create expense reports instantly by just clicking a photo of your trip receipt

  • Link your credit/debit card with your Expensify account and automatically place charges in an expense report

  • Convert your expense report into a customized invoice with just a click

13. Lastpass – Password manager

Are you having trouble remembering your passwords? Store it conveniently in Lastpass, a password management app. It provides a central location from where you can easily manage all your login details and passwords. Lastpass syncs with multiple devices and is easy-to-use. You can fill your credentials with just few clicks and keep it secured in one place.

14. HelloSign – Electronic signature

Quickly get signatures on your critical documents with Hellosign. It is an e-signature app that allows you to sign paperwork online. It keeps your contracts secured and prevents tampering of the contracts during or after the signing process. HelloSign is compliant with ESIGN act. Moreover, it also authenticates the document signers so that you know who is signing your documents.

  • Keep track of the signatures with timely notifications

  • Send your document to clients located in any part of the world and get it signed in minutes

  • Integrate it with your favorite apps like Evernote, and Slack

15. Gong – Conversation intelligence

Using the right words and phrases is vital while selling over the phone. Find out what works and bolster your sales communication with Gong, a conversational intelligence application. Review your sales calls, web conferences as well as emails and dig into areas that need improvements.

  • Automatically record and transcribe sales calls

  • Get insights to improve sales pitches

  • Collaborate with your team and listen to each other’s sales call recordings

Final thoughts

As a top sales rep and/or business owner, you need to know what’s trending and what can help you grow your business. These top sales apps of 2019 can be very beneficial for your book of business, so long as you use each tool to its specific purposes.

Jonathan Raney