3 Reasons Your Sales Follow Up is Failing You

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Relying on a Master Deck

Do you still send a master deck that your marketing team created for you? Stop.

Here’s what you should be sending…

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Your videos… what videos?

Video should be the anchor of your sales follow up.

Learn how to build effective and short videos that sell your product for you.


You aren’t Bundling your Sales Documents

Buyers are lazy. Why do you think that 70% of sales documents are never even opened?

Learn how to get higher engagement from buying teams during the decision making process.


Most sales reps know that their sales follow up is critical to their process in closing a deal. If you didn’t know that, you probably need to make some changes to your sales follow up. Lucky for you, we are going to tell you how to boost your sales conversions by upwards of 30% through these 3 tips.


Tip 1: No one cares about your PowerPoint deck.


Do you still send a master deck that your marketing team created for you? Stop.


Unless you work for Microsoft and the product you are selling is PowerPoint itself, your deck is probably super confusing and isn’t helping you get closer to closing a deal. A PPT deck by itself is useless, as they do not actually show how your product works… rather it should be used as complimentary to other content that is better suited for explaining your products value and features.



Tip 2: Video… Video… and more Video.


Video should be the anchor of your sales follow up.


Why video? What kind of video? Which video? The answer: any of them. By adding a video to your sales follow up you have immediately increased your odds of closing the deal by 50%!! Why? Videos are remembered and are easy to understand.  

  • By adding a 20-30 second product clip you showcase to buying teams (who would never schedule time to meet with you) exactly how your product works / your products value… you can’t fight value when it is being played in front of you.

  • By adding a 10-15 second selfie video of you explaining your product / introducing yourself to the team you make yourself standout and memorable.

 Who is easier to say no to: The sales rep who sent over the 25-page slide deck? Or the sales rep who sent over a 30 second product video as well as a video introducing themselves?



Tip 3: Bundling your documents together


Buyers are lazy. Why do you think HubSpot posts article’s about how 75% of buyers purchase from the 1st vendor who reaches out?


This laziness is even more relevant when reviewing sales documents. Ever send a series of hyperlinks or attachments to a client, only to find out they opened just 1 or 2 documents? Over 70% of sales documents are NEVER opened. You need to start bundling your documents into a single pitch, and control what your customers are looking at throughout their buying process.

Build a Sales Follow Up that customers actually buy from. Increase your sales by 30%, today.

Start Bundling Sales Content Today: